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5.00pm                                                                               Ref/Field

U8 Mixed        Rugrats  v  Clippers                   (Tess)Field 2B

U8 Mixed        Cubs  v  Tigers                         (Byron)Field 2A

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale Parrots v  Tiger Cubs  (Nat)Field 3B

U8 Mixed        Dragons  v  Lions                      (Lucas)  Field 4A

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale Magpies  v  Kings      (Mitchie)Field 3A

 U10 Boys        Mini Ruckers  vPullenvale Timbers(Brock) Field 1A

U10 Girls        Magical Mermaids v  Lightning     (Madz)Field 1B


U10 Boys        Avengers  v  Eagles                      (Lucas)Field 3A

U10 Boys        Pullenvale Pioneers vHot Steppers(Mitchie)Field 3B

U10 Boys        Gladiators  v  Redback Spiders      (Tess) Field 2A

U10 Boys        Cobras  v  Panthers                     (Madz)Field 1A

U10 Boys        Red Belly Blacks  v Cubs              (Brock)Field 2B


U10 Girls        Unicorns  v  The Sapphires          (Nat) Field 4A

U10 Girls        Starlets  v  Pullenvale                 (Byron) Field 1B

                        Dodgers  BYE

 U12 Boys

6.15pm            Mac & Cheese  v  Bombers    (Madz) Field 3

7.00pm            The Raptors  v  Mighty Rucks(Tess)Field 4

                        Pullenvale, Pullenvale Mixed & Ipswich Cats BYE

 U12 Girls

6.15pm            Vipers  v  Funky Monkeys          (Tess)Field 2

6.15pm            The BulletsvJamboree Heights(Charlie) Field 1

7.00pm            Rebels  v  Bluejays                   (Madz) Field 1

                        Pullenvale & Quick Chicks BYE

U14 Boys

6.15pm            Rhonda Miners  v  Strikers     (Brock) Field 4

7.00pm            WatermalonesvIndividuals(Charlie) Field 3

7.00pm            Fruit Tingles  v  Blitz             (Brock) Field 2



U8 Mixed        Rugrats  v  Dragons          (Kyran)Field 4A

U8 Mixed        Kings  v  Tigers                (Byron) Field 2B

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale A v  Lions         (Nat)Field 3B

U8 Mixed        Tiger Cubs  v  Clippers      (Gary)Field 4B

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale B  v  Cubs         (Mitchie) Field 5A

U10 Boys        Eagles  v  Gladiators         (Brock) Field 1A

U10 Boys        Cobras  v  Pullenvale Blue(Tyler) Field 3A

U10 Girls        The Sapphires  v  Dodgers(Maddie) Field 1B

U10 Girls        Unicorns  v  Lightning        (Tess) Field 2A


U10 Boys        Avengers  v  Cubs                 (Tyler) F3A

U10 Boys        Pullenvale GoldvRed Belly Blacks(Mitchie)F3B

U10 Boys        Mini RuckersvRedback Spiders(Tess) F4B

                        Panthers BYE

U10 Girls        Magical MermaidsvPullenvale  (Byron) Field 4A

                        Starlets BYE

 U12 Boys

5.40pm            The RaptorsvIpswich Cats   (Brock)F 1

6.15pm            Mighty RucksvPullenvale     (Brock)F 2

7.00pm            Pullenvale Mixed vBombers  (Tyler) F 1

                        Mac & Cheese BYE

U12 Girls

5.40pm            Vipers  v  Rebels               (Maddy) F 2

6.15pm            The Bullets  v  Bluejays      (Maddy)F 3

7.00pm            Pullenvale  v  Quick Chicks(Tess) F 4

                        Funky Monkeys BYE

U14 Boys

6.15pm            Watermalones  v  Strikers  (Tyler)F 1

6.15pm            Fruit Tingles  v  Individuals(Tess)F 4

7.00pm            Rhonda  v  Blitz                (Brock) F 2


  Ipswich Falcons Junior Touch

      SIGN-ON DETAILS 2019

WHEN:      Monday 26th August & Monday 2nd Sept

TIME:        6.15pm - 7.15pm

WHERE:   Ipswich Touch Grounds, Jim Finimore Oval,

                  Old Toowoomba Road, One Mile

FEES:       $85 ($75 for U8s & U10s) – 15 week comp.

AGE GROUPS:      Boys & Girls U8, U10, U12 & U14

SEASON START:  Thursday, 12th September

GAME TIMES:        5.00pm; 5.40pm; 6.15pm; 7.00pm

Teams or individual players welcome

Get your friends together and come join the fun!

Limited team numbers so get your noms in early

Find out more at www.ipswichtouch.com or

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0411581625


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